It will be a shocking funeral like no other especially in Africa. Jose Chameleon will be buried in a clear glass coffin where everybody will be able to view his body without having to queue in a line.

Before we go any further, nope Jose Chameleon is not yet dead. The fella was just talking about how he would love his funeral to look like.

He has even called out to funeral companies to bring their quotations so that he can choose the best one and pay the bill in advance.

On why he needs a glass coffin he said:

‘My casket should be glass so that everyone can see me as there will be so many people from different countries who will be here to attend my funeral when I’m gone. I would wish my body to be put in public for viewing.”

He would also love his songs to be played during his funeral

“By the way, I was Mowzey Radio’s first fan because I spotted his talent and then showed him to you people. It is not right to remember someone when they are gone, you should celebrate them when they are still alive,” He saud

Chameleon had a near death experience recently. He was hospitalized in ICU because of HPylori.

He has now fully recovered and he is working on a collabo with Koffi Olomide.

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