Imagine waking up one day and finding out that someone had stolen your wife of 9 years. And worse still, your woman has promised to deliver more to the new man.

Kivutha Kibwana was scrolling through Facebook admiring photos of people when he saw Adelina. Adelina Mwau has been her deputy for the last 9 years.

Unlike Alfred Mutua who kept fighting with his former deputy, Kivutha has had a sober relationship with Adelina Mwau. They have never fought and have always run the county smoothly.

That is why Kivutha was shocked to see Adelina Mwau embracing Ruto at Karen and promising undying support to the deputy president. Kivutha Kibwana jilted had to make a rush Facebook post.

Guess is that Kivutha did the post to assure Raila Odinga that this is not a scheme of them two. He said he does not understand why Adelina would leave him and join UDA.

He said going forward there will be a strain between him and his deputy. After this betrayal, things will never be the same for the two again. Musalia showed us how cunning politics can be. Don’t be surprised to find this is a scheme between Kivutha and his deputy. You might see Kivutha in Karen soon.

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