David Murathe and William Ruto do not see eye to an eye. The two fell out when Murathe publicly said Ruto will not be the president.

That was when relationship between the president and his deputy had not disintegrated completely. Murathe was forced to resign back then as Jubilee vice chairman.

When the falling out between Uhuru and Ruto became public, Murathe was reinstated to his position. Loyalists to the deputy president were purged out of the party.

While in Thika yesterday, Murathe gave a glimpse of what happened between President Uhuru and his Deputy. He said that Ruto was underperforming in his job prompting the president to look for Raila Odinga.

He said that despite not working hard in the campaign trail, Ruto wanted to sabotage Uhuru while simultaneously looting.

“Let you not be lied to, Ruto only brought us 1.4 million votes against Uhuru over 6 million votes. And when the government was formed we gave him half of the cabinets which he only used to milk from the government,” Murathe said.

He also claimed it was impossible to do any kind of meaningful development when Ruto was in government.

” Ruto’s main aim was to make Uhuru’s government fail. When he was with the government, we only managed to build five markets countrywide but when Baba (Raila) came in, we have managed to build 58 markets.
,” he said

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