Kenyan controversial artist, Ringtone Apoko has opened up about his current health after renowned blogger, Robert Alai allegedly hit him with a rungu.

During an interview with Kiss FM Ringtone revealed he has not recovered after the incident. The artist claimed that he still finds it really hard for him to resume his normal duties as he has not fully recovered.

Ringtone accused Alai of beating him with a rungu and also damaging his range Rover.

The incident took place last year where the duo caused a commotion on a public road. According to Robert, Ringtone was blocking him as he was driving through a busy road. The case is at Kibra law court. Verdict is yet to be made.

Speaking to the local media house, Ringtone claimed that he usually faint in the house following the physical assault.

Alai has never apologised to me, he has never said sorry for hitting me with a Rungu. I am not yet healed inside…in the brain. I am only healed outside, sometimes I faint in the house. One day if I faint in public people might say I am clout chasing,” Ringtone said. 

In response to his treatment, Ringtone revealed that he travelled to South Africa to receive treaent where he was told that he needs a brain surgery.

“Doctors said they have to operate my head…you see I can die and also I can not walk with stitches on my head from back to front. I decided to let God heal me slowly.”

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