In the next few days Kalonzo and Gideon Moi will be subject of ridicule among Kenyans. I don’t know what they envisaged when they did that comical walk out from Bomas.

But to be fair to Kalonzo and Gideon, maybe bulk of their speech was on how OKA cannot work with Ruto. To hear he is on his way disrupted perfectly laid out plans.

Mithika Linturi who could not attend the launch because he has been barred from associating with Ruto decided to mock the two.

I just thought that the earthquake was a joke until this two (Kalonzo and Gideon) felt the tremor and ran for an hideout. 😂


Gideon Moi on behalf of OKA has said that going forward Musalia is not a member of the alliance. They are bitter with Mudavadi for dining with their perceived enemy.

Gideon Moi perhaps considers Ruto as the one who stole his birthright. He was supposed to take the mantle of Kalenjin leadership after his father retired but Ruto usurped him. And he might even go ahead to become the next Kenyan president to come from Kalenjin community something Gideon always thought he would do.

It is not clear on the side of Kalonzo why he acts so bitter towards Ruto. Among all politicians vying for national seat, no one is scandal free including Kalonzo himself. To pretend he does not want to work with Ruto because he is corrupt is hypocritical.

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