South African based business woman, Zari Hassan is currently giving men sleepless nights after she decided to upgrade her body. The mother of five recently shared pictures of her snatched waist and enhanced hips.

Zari has been on the limelight since she started dating Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platinumz. The business woman stayed in a long relationship with Diamond till they were blessed with two kids, a girl and a boy.

Before Zari started dating Diamond, she was married to a South African tycoon, Ivan Don the father of her first three sons. Ivan however died while Zari was still dating Diamond Platinumz.

The renowned business woman just a few years ago decided to break up with Diamond after which she moved back to South Africa. The mother of five is currently dating King Bae.

Zari have shared a number of her pictures on social media revealing to her followers that she went through surgery to enhance her body.

This came just after Hamisaa Mobeto was seen hanging out with Tanisha when she visited Kenya. Zari broke up with Diamond after he cheated on her with Hamisaa. The musician went on and dated Tanasha Donna afterwards.

As seen on their respective social media platforms, Hamisaa and Tanasha went through surgery to enhance their looks. Donna added some flesh on her behind and also the boobs same as Mobetto.

Well, apparently Zari does not want to left behind. She has shared pictures of her snatched body on social media. The celebrities are trying to keep their 20s look and the only way of doing so is just spending a lot of money on surgery.

I mean, what are the chances that Hamisa gets some work done on her body, just before the dust settles, Tanasha does the same. And in January 2022, Zari is here unveiling new curves? Pressure.

Anyway check out Zari snatched waist and big bum bum below.

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