Will Ruto Resign To Concentrate On August 2022?

Sometimes you might wonder when does the deputy president actually work. Every day he is in a campaign trail holding around 4 rallies in a day. In a week he can canvass the whole country.

This has agitated many people who are calling for him to resign and convenient on his rallies. His castigation of the president has also angered many. He has been told if he does not like how his boss is running the country, then he should resign and concentrate on becoming president himself.

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar has rubbished all that. He has said that William Ruto is not in the government as a favour but as a right. The constitution conjoins the president and his deputy at the hip.

Omar says this is not the old constitution where the president could fire his vice at will. The two despite their differences must see through their 5 year term.

He also said that William Ruto was instrumental in getting Jubilee elected. He campaigned the hardest and he has earned every right to be on that seat.

Do you agree?

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