Jimi Wanjigi the son of a billionaire yesterday spent a night in jail for the first time in his life. Arresting him was not an easy task as the police tried to get him out of the house for hours. Actually the siege lasted close to 18 hours.

He was later arrested together with his wife on charges of land grabbing. To get evidence linking them to the grab police had to break in into one of his offices.

It seemed like they were denied entry because they resorted to use force rarely seen in Kenya. The ATPU commandos were deployed to break in. These are elite trained officers who majorly handle terrorism threats.

In the video, they can be seen breaking into Kwacha Group of Companies which belong to Wanjigi. Apart from the land grabbing case, Wanjigi is also facing charge of unlawful possession of firearms.

Wanjigi continues to plead innocence. He claims all his woes are because he decided to vie for president and challenge ODM leader Raila Odinga.

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