When Ruto’s case was dismissed by ICC he said ‘Never again’. It was largely interpreted to mean that never again would Kenya be thrown into political violence. Deep down, Ruto could have meant never again would he go back to Hague for a fight he did not belong.

In 2007, William Ruto vied as Member of Parliament for Eldoret a seat he won easily. The presidential results were debated and the country went into chaos. Later, none of the two presidential contenders went to Hague. William Ruto was taken instead.

Perhaps he feels that he was fixed. Perhaps he feels that he took the fall for someone else. That is why he is determined that history not repeat itself again.

Ruto through UDA party has written to ICC about state sponsored violence. In a strong worded letter, they accuse ODM for being facilitated to cause chaos in UDA rallies.

Ruto is keen to document everything so as never to be blamed later.

“This disastrous practice is an official policy in ODM and has been implemented over the years to suppress democratic competition, at horrendous cost to innocent Kenyans,” part of the letter says.

This time round Ruto is prepared.

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