Musalia had the whole country holding its breath on his major declaration. He had said that on 23rd January he would make a major declaration that would shake the country like a tsunami. Well I might have exaggerated a little. No one held his breath. But Kenyans were curious. Maybe it was time he confessed his endearing love to UDA.

Musalia has become a pro in anticlimax. It is something he has mastered for over 30 years now. This is a man who had one of the fastest rising political stars in Africa only to taint it for a one day presidency. This is a guy who could have become vice president in 2013 but decided to run for Presidency. Raila beat him even in Vihiga constituency which is his home constituency. Musalia has not disappointed. Once again he has done an anti climax.

He could not keep the secret for one more week. He has already spilled it. That he will be running for president in 2022.

Should he keep the threat it would be an advantage to Ruto. The votes Musalia will get would have traditionally gone to Raila Odinga.

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