Radio presenter and comedian Jalang’o was almost canceled two years ago. This was after he was exposed by Edgar Obare for allegedly having a boys club that used to sleep with ladies.

After losing his job, he started serious blogging until his former boss took a pity on him. He got a job at Kiss FM where he hosts a morning show together with Kamene.

The two have grown to become a dynamic duo. They have even hanged out and took projects outside Kiss FM. Their closeness has had people speculating if the two could be dating.

Responding to the allegations, Jalang’o said there is nothing romantic between them.

“Kamene is my babe, the first woman I see every day after my wife, she’s the woman I spend time with working every day, she’s my person…” said Jalangó on Kiss Radio

Jalang’o is set to retire next month to vie for Langata parliamentary seat.

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